09:15 Opening and word of welcome
09:30 Keynote on Vietnam's renewable energy future

09:50 Comprehensive market overview
  • • Forecast of energy market and the growth of PV
  • • Drawing parallels with ASEAN peers in PV development
  • • How do Vietnamese challenges and opportuntiies compare to its peers?
  • • Whats steps have others taken to reach a GW market?
10:20 /// Coffee break
11:00 Panel: Taking Vietnam's PV market from MWs to GWs
  • • Where does the PV sector stand in Vietnam?
  • • What lies ahead for market leaders and the private sector in the country?
  • • Competitiveness of the PV market?
12:00 Market opportunities and outlook; a developer's perspective
  • • What are market entry strategies an international developer looks for?
  • • When do co-development and joint ventures make sense and what mutual benefits do they offer?
  • • Can a market get saturated, and where lies the risk for congestion in a nascent but prolific PV market?

12:30 /// Lunch
14:00 Technical and contractual risk mitigation; lessons learned in different markets
  • • What common hurdles do PV projects run into?
  • • What makes a good project that delivers highest IRR and lowest LCOE?
  • • How can Vietnamese projects set themselves apart when competing for financing with its regional peers?
14:30 Panel: Key Bankability Challenges and Solutions
  • • Identifying the key risk categories for project financing: credit, political, legal and technical risks.
  • • How to mitigate key risks associated with Vietnam's PV market?
  • • Can the market scale up investments into solar energy projects?

15:30 /// Tea break
16:15 Panel: The investment potential in different provinces
  • • How do difference between provinces translate to different challenges and opportunities?
  • • What are the local needs for PV?
  • • Reality vs. Expectations on a provincial level
  • • Best and worst case scenarios for solar PV in the different regions
17:15 Panel: View on the future: Opportunities and challenges for PV in Vietnam
  • • Discussing the way forward
  • • What challenges (might) lie ahead, and what pitfalls can Vietnam avoid?
  • • Where are the opportunities for PV in the coming years?

18:15 Closing remarks

18:30 Extensive reception with food

20:00 End of conference